As of August 1, 2010: a blog site recounting the adventures and process of completing Kage's unfinished work has been ongoing. It's written and loosely coordinated by her sister and life-long collaborator, Kathleen Bartholomew. There are over 1,000 blogs there so far, all set in the mindof Kage Baker.
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  • Kage Baker died at 1:15 AM on January 31, 2010. She wanted all her readers to know: "I want you to tell all these people that I wanted more time to spend with them. Tell them I meant to, tell them I wanted to hear what they said and tell them what was on my mind."
    Her work was not finished, and will go on. Please bear with us in patience as we deal with the sorrow and the many tasks attendent upon mortality. This site will be maintained, and all news will be posted as soon as possible. Thank you.
    As of June 10, 2016 - this process is now going forward at full force and speed.

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    The Women of Nell Gwynne's took the 2009 Nebula for Best Novella! AND the 2010 Locus Award for Best Novella! I am not sure how the dates work out, since they both won in the last 4 months, but that's what the awards say ... what's a little time warp between industry standards?

    New Pages!

    At last, a proper page and excerpt for The House of the Stag, (which just won a ROMANTIC TIMES' REVIEWER'S CHOICE Award!) as well as one for The Empress of Mars Also, Kage's Bibliography section has been moved to a new page of its own. Check out these links:

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    Go to to read Kage's weekly blog piece on early science fiction films!


    Here's what's up: Kage expanded the original 2003 novella into a full-length novel (and the first reviewer to use the word "bloated" gets slapped for lack of originality). New characters, new adventures, improved science! And there were two editions: the first, a handsome limited-edition from Subterranean Press with art by J.K. Potter. The reasonably priced hardcover from Tor Books was released in May 2009. All clear now?


    Check out Starship Sofa's audio offering of Hellfire at Twilight! Or listen to this
    Or go have a listen to a podcast of the Alec Checkerfield story, The Likely Lad! And listen to other aural delights at StarShipSofa: The Audio Science Fiction Magazine. Many thanks to Tony and Martyn for a hilarious reading. And look for more of Kage's fiction, and great science fiction in general, from this promising new audiozine.

    Kage Sightings


    Go online at www.blogtalkradio/jackiekashian to hear Kage's interview, now archived, done on July 11. Kage talks about early Renfaire, the origin of the Company series, and more.


    Are You Afflicted With DRAGONS?, a story set in Lord Ermenwyr's universe for the forthcoming anthology The Dragon Book, edited by Gardner Dozois. For Tor Books, a steampunk novel, Not Less Than Gods, concerning the Company's predecessor, the Gentlemen's Speculative Society. A short story, Rex Nemorensis, for the anthology The Book of Dreams, edited by Nick Gevers. A short story titled In Old Pidruid, for a Robert Silverberg tribute anthology from Subterranean Press, edited by Gardner Dozois. A story titled Attlee and the Long Walk, for a forthcoming anthology of stories about Mars, to be edited by Jonathan Strahan. A short Company story called The Carpet Beds of Sutro Park.

    Works in progress: A short story with the working title The Other Boy. A fantasy novel titled And Summer Is Coming Soon, set in Lord Ermenwyr's universe. A short story with the working title Zorro and the Filibuster, for the forthcoming anthology More Tales of Zorro. The Company Concordance, an illustrated handbook of all things Company, with Cat Eldridge and Mike Dringenberg, for Golden Gryphon Press.

    Look also for more short stories and the continuing evolution of Kage's fantasy work.

    Foreign editions:

    Novel:* Im Land der Unsterblichkeit (Iden, German Edition), Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, March 2001
    Novel:* Dans le Jardin d'Iden (Iden, French Edition), Rivages, February 2002
    Novel:* Be'gan Iden (Israeli Edition) Modan, 2002
    Novel:* La Compagnia del Tempo (Iden, Italian Edition) Mondadori, February 2002
    Novel:* La Compania del Tempo (Iden, Spanish Edition) La Factoria de Ideas, February 2004)
    Novel:* Coyote del Cielo, (SC, Italian Edition) Mondadori, December 2002
    Novel:* Coyote Celeste, (SC, French Edition) Rivages, 2003
    Novel:* Sky Coyote, (Israeli edition, Modan, 2004)(GEFFEN AWARD NOMINEE)
    Novel:* Mendoza A Hollywood, Mondadori, 2003
    Novel:* Il Futuro in Gioco, (Graveyard Game, Italian edition), Mondadori, 2004
    Collection* I Cavalieri del Tempo (Black Projects, White Knights, Italian Edition), Mondadori, April 2006
    Novel: Nakoval 'nya Mira (Anvil of the World, Russian edition), Azbooka, 2005
    Chapbook: *Benvenuto nell'Olimpo Signor Hearst! Delos Books, April 2007
    Chapbook: L'Imperatrice di Marte, Delos Books, October 2007

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