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From Publisher's Weekly:
"Told with splendid clarity, the 13 tales in this collection from Nebula nominee Baker are deceptively simple and seem, at first, to be comfortably folkloric... The unspeakably delicious 'Mother Aegypt,' a novella original to the collection, involves a con man and immortals with unquenchable cravings. These wry and often wise narratives prove Baker is one of the most accomplished fantasists of our era."

And from Library Journal's Booklist:
"Like a brisk October wind, these 13 stories blow clear and cold, bringing with them unusual landscapes, brilliant colors, multi-layered shadows, and haunting characters... Listen closely, and perhaps you will hear the collective sigh of delight from intelligent lovers of fantasy the world over. A book to savor."

n one attractively bound volume, a collection of tales fantastic and dark. Three worlds are presented here, and reading the stories in sequence will take you straight across their intersecting planes.

Leaving His Cares Behind Him: An episode in the life of Lord Ermenwyr. What happens when a semidivine, semidemonic young playboy decides to visit his parents for the weekend?

The Briscian Saint: Three men on the run learn something about Truth, the hard way.

Desolation Rose: Lord Ermenwyr again, older and in the process of becoming slightly wiser.

Miss Yahoo Has Her Say: A story for anyone who has ever felt the urge to give Lemuel Gulliver a Swift kick in the pants.

What The Tyger Told Her: A very angry little girl meets a Tyger who, let us imagine, speaks with the voice of Sean Connery ...

Nightmare Mountain: an Old-California retelling of the myth of Eros and Psyche, with a tip of the hat to Sarah Winchester.

Merry Christmas From Navarro Lodge, 1928: A Christmas chestnut, and a good old-fashioned grandfather paradox to go in your stocking.

Her Father's Eyes: Another angry little girl, who finds herself pulled into the middle of the Tam Lin myth. But can she save the hero?

The Two Old Men: Heaven and Hell are closer than you think. You may decide to go to the beach instead, however.

The Summer People: So this mortal guy wanders into the Faery Kingdom and makes an ass of himself ... oh, wait, you've heard this one before?

How They Tried To Talk Indian Tony Down: A true story. Well, almost.

Pueblo, Colorado Has The Answers: Time is relative, and so are wasted lives.

Mother Aegypt: An original novella, written especially for this collection. A confidence man, working his way across Transylvania, forms an unlikely partnership with a gypsy and her slave. Possible vampires. Immortals, definitely. Aliens? Well, I wouldn't go that far ...

hanks are in order to Jason and Jeremy at Night Shade, for breakfast overlooking the ruins at Sutro's; to Linn Prentis and Virginia's Kidds, as always; to Janis Ian, whose project gave me the impetus to tackle Nightmare Mountain; and the staff at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, for running a quality establishment.

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