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"Fourth entry in Baker's wonderful series... By turns hilarious, terrifying, sad, and provocative, and always utterly intriguing. If there's a better time-travel series out there, go find it."

And from "The Graveyard Game, the best and darkest Company novel yet, showcases Baker's smart, witty style... It's an extremely satisfying chapter in an excellent science fiction series, one that sets the stage for the confrontation to come."

And from The New York Times Book Review: "If John LeCarre wrote science fiction, it might read like THE GRAVEYARD GAME."


mystery. A handful of postcards from California, from Texas, London, Mexico, Morocco, Catalina Island. Heroes. Villains. Flashbacks. Self-sacrifice and black treachery. A lot of the Past, a lot more Future.

ne day in the year 1996, the immortal operative Lewis returns home to find someone unexpected in his suburban Hollywood living room: the Botanist Mendoza, a woman for whom he once entertained unrequited romantic feelings. However, Lewis knows all too well Mendoza can't really be standing there; long ago she was arrested by the Company and disappeared, consigned to an unknown prison in the infinite labyrinth of time. This doesn't stop him from attempting to warn her of her fate before she vanishes again.

istraught, Lewis seeks out the only other person who might be concerned about Mendoza: Joseph, the Facilitator who recruited her for the Company. They meet to commiserate over her disappearance and Joseph tells Lewis of an apparition he saw in 1923, in a bar in a hotel on Catalina Island: Mendoza, unexpectedly free and in the company of a man Joseph well remembers - and hates. Were the lovers ever truly there? What really became of the Botanist Mendoza?

oseph and Lewis embark on a quest to learn the truth. It will take them across three centuries and much of the world, and at the end leave them with more questions than they had when they began. Two shadows loom across their respective paths: Joseph is haunted by the rogue immortal Budu, who saved his life and with whom he has not kept faith. Lewis becomes obsessed with the enigma of Edward Alton Bell-Fairfax, the mortal political agent who was Mendoza's lover - and possibly, in some previous existence, a heretic martyr named Nicholas Harpole ...

here are more mysteries: where are the other immortals who have disappeared? What happened to Lewis in a hollow hill in Ireland in 530 AD? Why has the Company lied to its operatives about when and where it began? Will the year 2355 bring freedom and reward for the immortals, or the ultimate betrayal?

raveyard Game is the fourth novel in the Company series. What went into this one? Millennial paranoia, old movies, dry martinis, the album Passages by Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar, Loreena McKennitt's The Book of Secrets, late nights, empty hotel rooms, absent friends and the firm conviction that love is stronger than death.

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