"Wise, sad, sometimes wildly funny—no Company fan will want to miss Baker's rousing, astonishing conclusion."

The final chapter in the history of Dr. Zeus Incorporated.

When last seen, the crew of the Captain Morgan had come to grief in a place called Alpha-Omega, where the Ichthyosaur (first seen in In the Garden of Iden) surfaced, after a trip through seven books, and made like Set with Edward Alton Bell-Fairfax.

A question for you alert readers fond of a challenge: what does the Ichthyosaur symbolize? Chthonic symbols of the Underworld whose role is to oppose the hero? The Unconscious, in its more self-destructive aspects? The Godzillaesque, Inquisitional side of that meek little chrome fish logo sported by car owners of the Christian persuasion?

When last seen, Suleyman and his fellow immortals were gearing up to face whatever they must face in the year 2355, when the Silence descends. What’s the battle plan? Well, it’s sci-fi, right? So there must be, like, huge gunships and cyborgs running around with laster rifles? The cover shown above would certainly intimate that this is the case. But the opening moves involve certain questions asked of the Facilitator Sarai, whose duty it once was to steal a certain infant from his cot and deliver him to an unlikely set of foster parents.

Another question for you: with all of time in which to prepare, and highly augmented intelligence with which to ponder all possible outcomes, just exactly how many factions within the Company would opt for a power play involving warfare? Don’t you think something a little more devious would be contemplated, at least?

When last seen, Joseph and Budu were making their plans for World Domination, and it seems a safe bet that Budu, at least, is planning on a military solution. They are about to recruit an ally to their cause, one whose views on Good and Evil somewhat parallel Budu’s own in their simplicity and clarity. After many a summer dies the swan, but not if he happens to make the right connections on one of those summer afternoons…

Question: given the deep and deceitful habits of a smooth operator like the Facilitator Joseph, what do you suppose his discomfort level will approach, as he watches Armageddon chained between two such pillars of righteousness? Red hot? White hot? Atomic?

When last seen, Literature Preservation Specialist Lewis was being dragged away, screaming, by Homo umbratilis hunters, enemies of Dr. Zeus. Or are they? What has become of Lewis? When last seen, Victor the Poisoner was bitterly contemplating both his existence as a triple agent and the sorrows of unrequited love. Can he his quietus make, and, if so, with what? Are the two matters, possibly, related?

All loose ends will be tied off, in the final volume of the Posthuman Comedy.

Check, and mate. Nunc dimittis servum tuum.

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